In an update on the 2020 WWE Draft, as part of his pre-WWE NXT Takeover 30 conference call today, Triple H addressed the company’s plans for this year’s Draft.

Triple H said that due to NXT, as well as RAW being on the USA Network, they have made changes to the process of the talent being poached, which will be seen in the WWE Draft when it returns later in the year as people can go brand-to-brand now and try different things.

Triple H said that when he came in to the WWE and talked to The Undertaker about people being in the company for 5-6 years, it was unreal to him that they could stay in one place for that long, but that now, you have people in the company who have been there for 10 years or way more and that with that, those people could now go to other places in the company and change things up, noting that all three brands need to be supported.