In an update on the lawsuit filed by TNA’s former production company Audience of One against IMPACT Ventures LLC (the now former parent company of IMPACT Wrestling), Aroluxe, TNA Chief Financial Officer Dean Broadhead and Ron Harris on September 27th in the United States District Court, Eastern District Of Virginia, a report from notes that Harris and Aroluxe have officially responded to the lawsuit and have pretty much pointed fingers at others and disavowed that they should even be named as defendants in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that Broadhead, Harris and Aroluxe worked together to get Audience of One on board as a production company under the false pretense of using them full-time and then failed to pay them in a timely fashion for work done and instead set up a payment plan, but stopped paying after the initial payment was made. AO1 are seeking $223,000 plus interest and post-judgment costs for what they state is a breach of contract, fraudulent inducement on behalf of Harris and Broadhead and torturous interference on behalf of Aroluxe and for the defendants violating Virginia code.

Aroluxe filed their 15-page response on January 3rd and claimed that they have been improperly named as defendants in the case, the claims in the lawsuit that Ron Harris is a “principal” in their company as alleged by Audience of One are incorrect and that “Aroluxe lacks knowledge and information sufficient to form a belief” in regard to many of the allegations brought against them. Aroluxe also cliams that many of the allegations are directed against IMPACT Ventures LLC, Ron Harris and/or Dean Broadhead and therefore, they do not need to respond to them. Harris also filed a 14-page response to the lawsuit on January 3rd and denied all of the allegations against him personally and claimed that the court in Virginia has no jurisdiction over him and that any and all of the allegations should be direct to IMPACT Ventures LLC and/or Aroluxe’s parent company and claimed that Audience of One has failed to state a claim in which they can receive any sort of remedy against him. Harris and Aroluxe also asked the Court to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice and that Audience of One should be required to pay any court costs associated with the lawsuit filing.