In an update on how the WWE want next weekend’s WrestleMania 36 events priced and the potential price points, there have been conflicting reports on the pay-per-view price for both nights of shows, according to a report from The Wrestling Observer.

The report notes that Verizon Fios has had night one and night two of WrestleMania 36 listed for a total of $59.99 for both shows together, while Comcast has had night one listed for $39.95 and night two listed for $59.95, while there are some outlets advertising night one at $9.99 and night two at $59.99.

The report adds that the WWE were hoping for a regular WrestleMania price and that viewers who are not subscribed to the WWE Network would get both shows for that price, instead of the previously mentioned price points, while also looking to have the ability for fans to watch either night for half of the normal WrestleMania price, but that ultimately, the prices are up to the cable companies.

WrestleMania 36 airs on Saturday, April 4th and Sunday, April 5th at 7pm Eastern on the WWE Network and pay-per-view.