In an update on earlier reports of Jack Swagger requesting his WWE release, Swagger noted in an interview with Chael Sonnen on the Beyond The Fight Podcast that as of yesterday, he requested his release from the company, but that it is still kind of an ongoing process right now.

Swagger noted that basically, it came down to a contract negotiation and that both sides were way off and that the WWE did not value him at what he thought he was valued at and that WWE were not giving him the opportunity to make the full amount of money he could for his family and that it was time for him to go.

Swagger said that it is very frustrating when you are given an opportunity and you think that you have knocked it out of the park and said that while anyone could do better, when you do well enough to where the fans appreciate it and are reacting to it and nothing happens, it gets really frustrating.

Swagger noted that he will be 35 years old next month and that he was not getting opportunities, but said that the world of wrestling is broadening every second and that it is a great time to be a wrestler, no matter what discipline you are in and that he is very excited about going to Mexico, Japan and the United Kingdom and said that he is going to keep on wrestling, but that if someone wants to pay him to get inside a cage for an MMA fight, then he would be down for that too.

Swagger said that for the longest time, WWE was all he knew, but that 10 years later, he knows that there is a great opportunity for people outside of the company to make money and said that he wants to prove to himself that he is worth the money that he was asking the WWE for and that he feels that for the first time in years, he is hungry, which is sad, but at the same time exciting and noted that if you are a Jack Swagger fan, then be happy as this is a good thing.