In an update on WWE SmackDown Live superstars Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn being sent home by the company from the current tour of Europe, a report from notes that the duo were sent home, not for one reason, but for several things that came up over the course of the tour.

The report notes that there was an issue on last night’s WWE SmackDown Live broadcast where the duo allegedly did what they wanted during the close of the segment with The New Day, as opposed to being physically run off by the team and that there was a situation where Kevin Owens was allegedly complaining loudly on a tour bus after the taping, which to some was decreed as the last straw following a long few days of touring, while others felt that it was Owens just venting and that it was not a major issue, but that the situation at television may have exacerbated the situation and forced the WWE’s hand.