In an update on the lawsuit filed by tattoo artist Catherine Alexander against WWE and 2K Games, the WWE’s videogame licensee on April 17th in the United States District Court of Southern District of Illinois, where she alleges that both companies are infringing on her copyright for tattoo designs that she has imprinted on Randy Orton, having been his tattoo artist since 2003, Take-Two Interactive Software, 2K Sports, Visual Concepts Entertainment, Yuke’s Co. Ltd and Yuke’s LA Inc. have also been named as defendants in the lawsuit, according to a report from

The report notes that in the lawsuit Anderson is claiming that all of her tattoo work on Randy Orton are her original designs and that she has never given any of the defendants permission to recreate them in the WWE videogames, stating that she performed the tattoo work on Randy Orton between 2003 to 2008 and that they are easily recognized by his fans and members of the public, while also noting that she submitted applications to register copyrights on each of the aforementioned works on March 15th, 2018.

Anderson claims that she contacted WWE regarding material featuring Orton’s tattoos being sold by the company back in 2009 and that they offered her $450 for the rights to the designs, which she refused and at the time told the WWE that she did not grant any permission for WWE to copy, duplicate or otherwise use or reproduce any of her designs, claiming that by recreating the tattoos in the WWE videogames that the rights to her designs are being infringed upon.

Anderson alleges in the lawsuit that Randy Orton, who is not named as a defendant, does not have ownership in the copyrights and has no authority to and did not grant permission for the defendants to use the designs. Anderson has requested a jury trial and is seeking that the court rule that the tattoos are her copyrighted works and that the defendants infringed against her, requesting the court to rule that she is owed damages.