In an update on the theme songs being pulled from airing for TNA Wrestling talents Mike Bennett and DJ Z during last night’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling on POP TV, a report from notes that in regards to one rumour that has made the rounds that the music was pulled due to Billy Corgan’s lawsuit against the company, that is not correct as the music composed by Corgan for IMPACT Wrestling actually aired on the show and that based on YouTube postings of each song that was pulled, they were in fact composed and performed by Dale Oliver, who has been working on TNA theme songs as far back as 2002.

The report notes that if the music was pulled due to a rights issue, then that issue would be with the songwriter, who in this case would be Oliver and that while one would assume that TNA Wrestling contractually had the rights for the themes in question, especially since they were specifically written for talents in the company, then it would make no sense that the music was pulled, so it would leave it to be a rights issue of some sort with Dale Oliver.

This week has not been a good week to date for the company, as we noted recently that Billy Corgan filed a lawsuit against them, while former production partners, Audience of One, also filed a lawsuit seeking $223,000 plus interest owed.