In an update on the “BLN1” campaign and how this will all tie into Seth Rollins’ announcement on ESPN SportsCenter tomorrow, the BLN1 stands for “Be Like No One”, while Rollins will be painted as the villain in the trailer for the upcoming videogame.

As mentioned above, Rollins will appear on ESPN SportsCenter to reveal the trailer for the game and announce the release date. The trailer will see items that WWE are currently showcasing on Twitter, held inside a secured facility which is attacked by Rollins, who vandalizes and destroys the items before the video will note that fans who pre-order the game will receive Kurt Angle as a playable character, with the storyline that Kurt is seeking out the person who done the attacks.

For those wondering, there are currently no plans for this to bleed over into WWE programming unlike last year’s game, which saw Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar face off.