In an update on WWE and Global Force Wrestling’s applications for trademarks concerning The Hardy Boyz, WWE’s application for Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy trademarks filed on June 19th were already assigned to a trademark attorney on July 27th, bypassing the 3 month wait that applies to most applications, according to a report from who note that Global Force Wrestling’s applications, which were filed back on April 28th, were assigned to a trademark attorney on July 27th.

The report notes that as with Global Force Wrestling’s application, WWE’s application for Matt Hardy was refused due to potential confusion with the Broken Matt Hardy application which was filed first and that any action will be suspended until Matt Hardy’s application is finalized, while both applications were also refused due to WWE not providing the Hardy’s consent to trademark their names, something WWE quickly responded to by providing consent from both Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy.

The report also notes that WWE’s application for a Hardy Boyz trademark, which was filed back in April, will be published for opposition to the public at the end of the month.