In an update on WWE’s plans to return to the road, which the company revealed will be a 25-city tour beginning on July 16th, the announcement was and also was not a surprise to certain talents, according to a report from Mike Johnson of who notes that while the talents were not given the heads-up on the announcement, or the dates, it had been informally passed along in recent weeks that there were plans to return to the road in the near future.

The report notes that the WWE kept their plans extremely close to the vest until they announced them via a press release in order to try and prevent the news from leaking, but that also because things could have changed at any moment due to the pandemic, while the events are expected to take place in markets where COVID-19 safety rules have started to, or are currently, more relaxed, with events expected in the Southwest and Florida regions, with Iowa and Pennsylvania also discussed for future shows.

The report adds that it is unknown as to whether those who worked exclusively on live events for the company that were furloughed or let go by the company will return in any capacity and that the company are expected to remain conservative in how they proceed with allowing fans to attend events as of July 16.