In an update on the WWE preparing talents ahead of a full-time return to touring as of July 16, the company began informing members of the talent roster at yesterday’s WWE RAW that they will be expected to come to the WWE Performance Center over the coming weeks to take part in workouts in the ring to better prepare them for the company’s return to touring, according to news first reported by Mike Johnson of

The report notes that the workouts could begin as early as next week, with talents to take part in drills and potentially matches in order to make sure that their ring work is sharper, with the workouts to take place on days that talents are not booked for television tapings, while the announcement is believed to be a Vince McMahon edict.

Additionally, PWInsider notes that in speaking to some talents, they were looking forward to trying to get their timing and in-ring work back to normal after over a year of working once a week and that to the average person watching, there may not have been any noticeable changes, but that among talents who know better from being inside the ring, there were quite a few who felt that their timing had been a little off for some time and that everyone on the roster, from the top names on down will be asked to take part in the workouts.