In an update on the television rights negotiations between NBC Universal and World Wrestling Entertainment regarding WWE Monday Night RAW, The Hollywood Reporter notes that NBC Universal will be paying the company $265 million per year to keep RAW on the USA Network over a five-year-deal, working out at $1.325 billion to the WWE as part of those negotiations.

The original deal between WWE and NBC Universal was rumored to be a 3-year deal at around $250 million per year, however when NBC Universal allowed SmackDown Live to enter open bidding, they upped their contract offer and focused all their efforts on retaining Monday Night RAW.

For those wondering, the FOX deal is worth $1.025 billion over 5 years and the aforementioned renewed NBC Universal deal worth $1.325 billion, meaning that when the new television deals come into effect, WWE will be receiving $2.35 billion over the 5 years for their shows, breaking it down to $470 million per year, an increase of $170 million from the projected maximum that analysts were predicting the company would receive.