In an update on WWE’s edict for talent using third-party platforms, the company has relaxed some of the rules regarding social media marketing put forth in the letter that they sent to talent on Thursday, according to a report from Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer.

The report notes that prior to tonight’s WWE RAW, the company informed talent that they will be able to maintain both their YouTube and Twitch accounts, but would have to do so using their real names, as opposed to their WWE in-ring names, with the company requesting that talent inform them of YouTube and Twitch accounts that use their real name, a change from talent being told by people within the company that they could not market themselves with the usage of their real names.

The report adds that nothing was made fully clear as to what exactly will and will not be allowed, however the belief is that Cameo will not be allowed going forward, however details are still vague.