In an update on WWE’s latest “White Rabbit” teases, a new QR Code appeared during Monday’s episode of WWE RAW, linking to a TikTok video which contains coordinates leading to a giant pink bunny art sculpture that appeared in Italy.

The video also flashes the number “40701”, which is the Zip Code for Corbin, Kentucky. In an interesting note, The Fiend defended his WWE Universal Championship against The Miz in January 2020, while the city has a White Rabbit Records store, as well as a Wyndham Corbin hotel.

The link to the video features a letter and number combination of 930YWG, which is an indication that the next hint will come at the September 30th episode of WWE SmackDown in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, as Winnipeg’s airport abbreviation is YWG.

Additionally, it should be noted that within the source code of the website, the code has the lyrics to Aleister Black’s old theme stating “No man is ever truly good, no man is ever truly evil”.