Last night WWE threw a wrench into the works when “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus won the 2012 Royal Rumble Match in what was the 25th Anniversary of the event.

According to a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, the decision was made to have Sheamus win to shock fans who had believed Chris Jericho was going to win it outright and then elaborate on his comments from Monday Night RAW last week.

Sheamus winning the Rumble also plays into WWE’s hands as officials had planned to push Sheamus in a massive way for a while now as they feel he is a true ambassador for the company with how he carries himself and how he’s grown as a performer.

The question is now, who will Sheamus face at WrestleMania 28? The internet is a buzz with the potential matchup of Daniel Bryan defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus in a rematch of what was WrestleMania 27’s dark match for the United States title. As always we’ll keep you updated with all the latest goings-on in the lead up to “The Grandaddy of them all” WrestleMania.