In an update on the Aces and Eights faction in TNA Wrestling, despite being previously told by several sources that Cliff Compton (former WWE superstar Domino) was part of the faction, it appears that is not the case as he has not signed with TNA and isn’t part of the faction at this current time. Many people felt that Compton was the one with long hair and slightly masked, however that is believed to be Wes Brisco (the son of Gerald Brisco).

Meanwhile, former WWE and ECW superstar Mike Knox was one of the members of the group last night, alongside the beforementioned Wes Brisco, as well as Luke Gallows. TNA Wrestling are rotating members of the group, to make it harder for fans to guess who is part of the faction, as D’Lo Brown, an agent for the company, portrayed a member of the group last night but is not expected to be part of it when revealed.

It is expected that Jeff Jarrett will be the one behind the group.