In a recent interview with The WrestlingINC Daily Podcast, former WCW superstar Vampiro (Ian Richard Hodgkinson) discussed how his life has changed since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, the documentary about him and more.

“I’ve been in therapy for about a year and a half, really, really working on my mental health issues, the head traumas, the physical injuries and it’s been brutally difficult, but I’m advancing leaps and bounds.

That guy in that movie, he doesn’t exist anymore and I’m a 130 pounds lighter, I’m a different man, I’m grateful and it’s because of Michael that I’ve been able to get on this journey, so the movie is a great reminder to anybody who has physical disabilities or mental health issues or the world is against them.

I’m living proof that if you really really believe and you put the work in, you can overcome anything, so I’m doing amazing.”

The interview is available in full at this link.