In a recent interview as part of the Ken Carman Show, WWE NXT commentator Vic Joseph discussed several topics, including the potential of WWE returning to a TV-14 product.

“Yeah, NXT had TV-14 for a week or two, a couple of months back, you’re seeing things get a little bit edgier. As far as me watching it, I think people have this misconception that we all know what’s going on.

I haven’t been on the road, I live five miles from where I go to work in Orlando, I’m not on the road and not in those meetings any more. From what I have seen, with the language and some of the things picking up, this past Monday was the first time I can recall seeing blood on someone’s face in the ring and they weren’t trying to clean it up. I would have to tip towards yeah, it’s coming back.”

The full interview is available at this link.