WWE have released the first four episodes of their new stop-animation series “WWE Slam City”. The sypnosis for each episode is below.

WWE Slam City – Auto-Tude Adjustment with John Cena
Nothing can stop WWE Superstar John Cena. Not even an oil change. Watch as he takes on his biggest challenge yet – an auto inspection.

WWE Slam City – Alberto the Barista – Alberto del Rio vs Damien Sandow
Alberto del Rio can do some serious pressing. Coffee pressing. Watch him fulfill his destiny to be the greatest barista of all time.

WWE Slam City – A Big Brawl – John Cena vs Big Show
WWE Superstar Big Show is having some serious car trouble and the only mechanic in town is John Cena. Watch to see their showdown give a different meaning to the phrase “customer service”.

WWE Slam City – Cafeteria Chaos – Kane vs Santino Marella
Whoever is serving lunch is a monster. A Big Red Monster! Watch WWE Superstar Kane take on pizza day in this newest episode of Slam City.