WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon made an appearance during today’s First Quarter Earnings 2021 Conference Call and praised the company’s current management team stating, “Like every other form of entertainment or sport, we are coming out of COVID. At first, we were in survival mode, but we found new life and once we felt secure, we then saw this as an opportunity to re-think the way that we do business and open what I call a WWE treasure chest. The only way that you can do that is to have the best management team in WWE history. We have that team, a tem that is innovative, a team that drives revenue and has re-organized our company in a more efficient way to take advantage of new revenue streams, new online platforms, new consumer products, new content creation and new opportunities to expand our media rights portfolio on a global basis.”

WWE announced the appointment of former co-head of Television at the CAA (Creative Artists Agency) Nick Khan as the WWE President in August 2020, with WWE filling out executive positions with many previously having worked with Khan at CAA. WWE announced the appointments of Chris Legentil as the new SVP & Head of Global Communication, and Scott Zanghellini as the new Head of Revenue Strategy and Development on April 20th, with Alex Varga also hired that same day as the VP of Revenue Strategy & Development.