Major League Wrestling sent out the following:

2-ring War Chamber match set for Tampa March 29

World Titan Federation vs. Team MLW fight in the ultimate battleground live on Triller TV+

MLW have announced a 2-ring War Chamber match: Team MLW (Satoshi Kojima, Matthew Justice, 1 Called Manders and Okumura) vs. World Titan Federation Superstars® (Tom Lawlor, Davey Boy Smith Jr., Richard Holliday and Josh Bishop) at MLW WAR CHAMBER, live on TrillerTV+ from the Coliseum in St. Petersburg, FL on Friday, March 29.

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Major League Wrestling today declared war against the World Titan Federation in the ultimate showdown: The War Chamber.

In recent months, the World Titan Federation, spearheaded by the disgraced ex-MLW VP of Operations, Saint Laurent, has engaged in a relentless campaign against MLW. Following Saint Laurent’s departure amidst controversy and corruption allegations, he formed the World Titan Federation, aiming to dismantle MLW by luring away its fighters, disrupting MLW’s deals, and undermining the organization’s integrity.

Month by month, Saint Laurent and the World Titan Federation orchestrated attacks targeting MLW, including the departure of Mance Warner. Shockingly, Saint Laurent lured former MLW champions Tom Lawlor and Davey Boy Smith Jr. to join “the Fed”.

At MLW Intimidation Games, the World Titan Federation cheated their way into winning the MLW World Tag Team Titles from the Second Gear Crew’s Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders.

The MLW-WTF saga escalated further at an MLW Media Event in New York where Satoshi Kojima was to be presented with his new MLW World Heavyweight Championship belt, a belt that took six months to make. The World Titan Federation crashed the event and stole the belt – but that wasn’t all they did. Attacking Kojima in an ambush, the “Superstars®” clubbed Kojima’s injured knee repeatedly. Kojima would go to the hospital and is now receiving daily treatment for his aggravated MCL injury.

In response to these provocations, MLW’s fighters have rallied together, forming a united front against the World Titan Federation. Led by the resilient Satoshi Kojima, the Second Gear Crew, and Kojima’s tag team partner in CozyMAX, Okumura, Team MLW now readies to fight the World Titan Federation in a 2-ring battleground known as the War Chamber.

Captained by Satoshi Kojima, Team MLW is now set to clash with the forces of the World Titan Federation.

However, with Saint Laurent known for his sinister schemes and underhanded tactics, the question looms: what devious strategies will he deploy to secure victory in the War Chamber?

What is the WAR CHAMBER?
Locked in a 2-ring carbon steel chamber with the perimeter of the top fortified with barbed wire, two teams of four will clash in combat that only the War Chamber can contain.

The rules of the War Chamber:

— A coin toss determines which team enters first.

— 1-on-1 for 5:00 in stage 1 of the War Chamber.

— The winner of coin toss comes out for 2-on-1.

— Alternating teams have wrestlers enter every 2 minutes.

— Once all combatants are in the War Chamber, victory is won by submission, surrender or pinfall.