IWTV Independent Wrestling Champion Warhorse, who made an appearance during tonight’s AEW Dynamite broadcast on TNT, where he challenged Cody for the AEW TNT Championship, commented on the opportunity on tonight’s show.

“What was it like, it’s live by the sword or it’s die by the sword. Here, at All Elite Wrestling, you have people leading professional wrestling into the next generation, it’s the Champions that lead us into the next generation, people like Cody that know that professional wrestling is the greatest sport between the earth and sky, it’s the most entertaining sport in the world.

People like him listen to our generation, they listen to the people that wanted Warhorse. I don’t know what the future has in store for Warhorse, but you might play by your rules Cody, but Warhorse plays by his own set of rules. Rule number one, Warhorse rules a**.”