The following results are from a recent Pro Wrestling WAVE event. The event took place on May 19th, 2024 at the 2AW Square in Chiba, Japan.

Tag Team Match
Chie Ozora & SAKI defeated Mochi Natsumi & Riara.

Singles Match
Tae Honma defeated Honoka.

Catch The WAVE 2024 Young Block Match
Ranna Yagami defeated Mizuki Kato.

Catch The WAVE 2024 Elizabeth Block Match
Yuki Miyazaki defeated Sakura Hirota and Himiko.

Catch The WAVE 2024 Block A Match
Saya Kamitani defeated Nanami.

Catch The WAVE 2024 Block C Match
Kakeru Sekiguchi defeated Ayame Sasamura.