The following results are from a recent World Association of Wrestling event. The event took place on July 29th, 2023 at the WAW Performance Centre in Norwich, England.

Singles Match
PJ Knight defeated Riley Thee NBF.

Triple Threat Hardcore Match
Jason Joshua defeated Sassy Bear Clarence and Keegan.

Bondage Rope Four Corners Match For The PCW Championship
Priscilla (c) defeated Adam Envy.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Leia Elise & Princess defeated Tyler Adams & Fiona.

Singles Match To Crown The Inaugural WAW Pride Champion
Adam Bolt (w/Jackie T) defeated Mitchell Starr.

Pride Parade Rumble Match
Keegan defeated Destiny, BattleKat Sam, BattleKat Eli, Bohdan, Mols, CT, Carlton, Adam, Joe Bell, Tate, Kobe Nitro, Princess, Leia Elise, Dan Quintain, Annabelle and Mr. Hayward.