Dragon Gate USA sent out the following:

We have major news for this weekend’s DGUSA events.

We regretfully announce that CIMA will not be on this weekend’s events. CIMA has had back issues lately. We believed he would be able to compete this weekend at a high level. However, we determined yesterday that while CIMA can wrestle, he would not be able to meet expectations for a match of the magnitude as the one he was scheduled for on Saturday.

In addition, we became fearful that around 30 hours of travel, resulting in a very tough schedule, would only lead to a setback in CIMA’s recovery. We decided it was in the best interest for CIMA’s future and in presenting the best possible shows to you that CIMA should stay in Japan.

We realize this creates an awkward situation with no main Dragon Gate stars on these DGUSA events. Unfortunately, it is just how things transpired for this weekend and there is nothing you can do about injuries. We will make this up to you by presenting the best possible matches and using this as an opening for new stars to impress with the New Talent Initiative.

If you want your ticket or iPPV refunded you must contact us before the show at Help@DGUSA.tv. We appreciate your understanding and we promise we will deliver this weekend.

Johnny Gargano vs. Trent Baretta for the Open The Freedom Gate Title has been signed as the new main event for tomorrow night in Queens, NY. We’ll give you an inside tip on this one. This was a planned top match for our 5th Anniversary Show this summer. However, we are going to hotshot it now to give Queens the best possible main event. Both Gargano and Baretta are at the top of their game. We are going to unleash them to perform at their best on Saturday.

Rich Swann vs. Anthony Nese in a contest between two of the best athletes today has also been added to Saturday’s card in Queens.