In a recent interview with Chris Jericho as part of the Talk Is Jericho podcast, All Elite Wrestling star Will Ospreay discussed several topics, including his decision to sign with the company, the interest from WWE, being able to remain living in the United Kingdom and more.

“The main thing was because I wanted to be in the UK, I know I’m not going to be exactly comfortable moving to another country, I moved to Japan back in 2019, and as much as I loved it, it just wasn’t home. We have a stepson now, or she has a son, I have a stepson now, and he just started school.

If you know Alex Windsor’s story, and anything that she’s been through, the UK scene kind of knows it, but she lost her husband, and having to pick herself up from that and having to be a Mom, a single Mom, to losing her husband, it’s going to have some tolls on you, so we need to be around her family, need to be around her friends and her social circle. I couldn’t bare the thought of moving her away from all of that, and having her on her own again, so for me the main priority was to stay in the UK, but to also, I want to up the wrestling now, because I’d done everything in New Japan, like I completed it. The viable option was where I was happy, and what was I doing and every time I came here, Tony has given me nothing but trust and respect the moment I came in here.

It was the right decision for me, like at this time, so I’m happy here and I’m looking forward to the challenges, it’s the right decision. For example, if there’s a pay-per-view, there’s no point in me going home, so Dynamite on Wednesday I’ll stay, maybe there’s a Collision on the Saturday, I’ll stay for that, then pay-per-view on Sunday, and I’ll stay for the next Dynamite and I’ll go home then. I have no problems staying in hotels, that’s what I’d do when I was over in Japan, worst case scenario, I can go over to Kyle and Skye’s, they owe me, they lived at my house back in 2021, so I’ll just stay with them.

It was night and day, even in differences of what they (WWE) were offering and what AEW was offering, AEW was way better, like the scheduling, like everything about AEW was completely the right option for me, it was almost kind of like, you can go be a superstar in WWE and famous, but it’s not as good of pay, and it’s not as kind of a schedule. I respect everyone there doing it, but it’s just not for me.”

The full episode is available at this link.