In a recent interview with New Japan Pro Wrestling’s official website, Will Ospreay discussed several topics, including his future plans, his growth as a wrestler, why he considers himself the best wrestler in the world, being an influence for today’s younger wrestlers and more.

Highlights of the interview are below:

On his future plans: “This country has been a part of my growth as an adult, it means a lot to me as well to see Callum come to Japan as a 21-year-old boy and be an apprentice to The United Empire, learning the trade. I came here as a 22-year-old kid, and I’ve been able to grow here, I know that I’ve failed countless times, either here in front of you and on social media, but Japan has allowed me to get back up and to mature and become the best wrestler in the world. My priorities have shifted and that doesn’t mean that Japan isn’t included anymore, it means I have a family and they need me right now, so my value has gone up, my price has gone up, I know I’m a top guy, but it needs to be more, more money but more respect as well. Why am I not in the world title picture, United Empire are top sellers at the box office and in the merch store, so it’s time for that respect to come to all of us. This place means so much to me, and one of these days I’ll get a tattoo of Ryogoku, because I lived near there so long. I’m not saying I’m moving on, but I need to do what’s right for me, and when I say I’m open to all options, that doesn’t mean I’m limited to anything, it means I’m open for everything.”

On why he considers himself the best in the world and if it is a burden: “A burden, no, but it is tolling, it is taxing. I thrive in that situation, I live for that, I want to see if anyone can knock me off my throne and I don’t think that anyone can, I don’t think there’s anyone that can say they are consistently on point the best in the world, I don’t think anyone can, not in AEW, not in WWE and not in New Japan Pro Wrestling, nobody can say they’re better than Will Ospreay. It’s pride, for a long time, when people have talked about the best of the world, they’ve looked to Japan, at Kobashi or Misawa, or Okada and Tanahashi, if people didn’t think of Japan, they thought of Canada and Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho, or maybe then, they look at America and bring up Bryan Danielson and maybe CM Punk, or whatever other garbage pro wrestlers they have over there. People have never talked about Great Britain, they never talk about the UK, but now honestly bruv, I don’t think anyone matches up to me right now. I wear this Championship with a lot of pride, because I do think I’m the best in the world, I don’t think there’s a single person in the world, no pro wrestler that is better than Will Ospreay and that’s the pride I bring with me when I wear this Championship.”

On being an influence for today’s wrestlers: “That blows my mind, a friend of mine was wrestling during WrestleMania weekend, he did four or five matches and he was talking about kids that are 18 years old on these indie cards doing my pose and trying for OsCutters, it’s crazy. When I came in, they called me White Ricochet, and I had to grow from that, but now there are probably a ton of guys that will be inspired by the Kenny Omega matches, or the Shingo matches, it’s mind blowing crazy. I had one wrestler come up to me and say that he decided to start wrestling when he was 14, because he saw me and Ricochet.”

The full interview is available at this link.