In a series of posts on his Twitter account, former WWE NXT General Manager William Regal issued a statement on his release from the company.

The statement reads, “Thank you to @WWE for a wonderful 21 year run. You gave a lad who was happy and in wonderland wrestling on a carnival have a charmed life for 21 years. No complaints and please, no one waste time replying as I won’t have a bad word said against the company. I will add that @WWE saved my life in 1999 when they didn’t need to, kept my family fed and took me all around the world. You have my gratitude forever. You allowed me to live a charmed life.”

Regal in his WWE career as a wrestler was a four-time WWE European Champion, two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, five-time WWE Hardcore Champion, four-time WWE World Tag Team Champion and 2008 WWE King of the Ring winner.