The following results are from a recent Wrestle Carnival event. The event took place on January 28th, 2024 at the HMV Empire in Coventry, England.

Singles Match
George Lydon defeated Vusyk.

Singles Match
Jordan Blade defeated Daisy Jenkins.

Tag Team Match
Reece & Rogan defeated Mark Trew & Kieron Lacey.

5 Way Scramble Match For The FIP World Heavyweight Championship
August Artois (c) defeated Steve Valentino, CJ Rawlings, Alex Connors and Edgar Adams.

JCW Championship Match
Jordan Oliver (c) defeated Robbie X.

Queen Of The Carnival Championship Match
Ivy (c) defeated Aluna.

Pure Wrestling Rules Match
Jonathan Gresham defeated Liam Slater.

King of The Carnvial Championship Match
Man Like DeReiss (c) defeated Myles Kayman.