The WrestleCircus promotion released a statement last night, confirming reports that the promotion’s event this Sunday, July 28th would not be going ahead as originally planned and that the promotion will be closing down.

The statement reads, “It’s time to say goodbye and this time, it will have to be for good. We have cancelled the upcoming show on Sunday July 28th and WrestleCircus will finally die its final death. All customers who have purchased tickets will be refunded. Look for an e-mail notification within the next 24-48 hours. I want to apologize for all the ups and down, 99.999% of which have all been at the fault of nobody but myself (Al). Please know that when I brought WrestleCircus back, it was against the advisement of several of my most trusted peers (including Jordan Len-X and Kevin Condron), however, my own ego and the desire to bring WrestleCircus back got in the way of their better judgement. Both of those individuals, as well as several others, did everything in their power to keep us running, despite everything going on, but untimely matters within my own personal and private life have once again led to our downfall. I am deeply sorry for all the hardships and obviously, this is not the way I’d hoped for WrestleCircus to end. That said, I am clearly not fit to run a wrestling company, despite my passion for the business. Once again, I am truly sorry for letting so many people down and I hope that our fans and wrestlers will cherish the good memories rather than piling on the jokes about another indie biting the dust. Thank you to all of you who continued to support WrestleCircus, through all the ups and down. It was a fun ride while it lasted.”