The following results are from a recent Wrestling Open event. The event took place on May 26th, 2022 at the White Eagle in Worcester, Massachusetts and aired live on IndependentWrestling.TV.

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Spotlight Match
The Haven (Shawn Knyte & Jay Onyx) defeated The Church Of Greatness (Brother Heru & Sister Anastasia).

Eliminator Cup Preview Match
The Brick City Boyz (Victor Chase & JCruz) defeated The Shook Crew (Bryce Donovan & Bobby Orlando).

WWR+ Showcase Match
Clara Carreras defeated Paris van Dale.

Singles Match
Rip Byson defeated Dante Drago.

Singles Match
Jhonny Santos defeated CPA.

Singles Match
Ray Jaz defeted Dezmond Cole.

Singles Match
Rex Lawless defeated Derek Neal.

Tag Team Match
Locked & Loaded (Dan Barry & 50 Cal) defeated The Even Stevens (Stephen Azure & Steven Somerset).

6 Man Tag Team Match
The Cowboy Ones (1 Called Manders, Kylon King & Ichiban) defeated Danny Miles, Steven Stetson & BRG.

Death Match
Channing Thomas (w/Sidney Bakabella) defeated Sigma.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Teddy Goodz & Little Mean Kathleen defeated Pedro Dones & Delmi Exo.

Submission Match
Alec Price defeated Brad Hollister.