With the WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view scheduled to take place tonight, we have been asking you to send us along your predictions via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or anything else for that matter as to who will win the Royal Rumble match, as well as the matches that will take place prior to the main event.

Kane vs. John Cena

Lenton Lees: John Cena
Tom Doolan: John Cena
Marc Feldmann: Kane via disqualification
Evan McFarlane: Kane via disqualification
Darren Hughes: Kane via disqualification
Chris Smith: No Contest
Andrew Botsakos: Kane
Bruce412 (Twitter): Kane
Anthony Furlong: John Cena
Frederick Carling: Kane via disqualification
Mark Healy: Kane via disqualification

WWE Championship Match – CM Punk (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Lenton Lees: CM Punk
Tom Doolan: Dolph Ziggler
Marc Feldmann: CM Punk
Evan McFarlane: Dolph Ziggler
Darren Hughes: CM Punk
Chris Smith: CM Punk
Andrew Botsakos: CM Punk
Bruce412 (Twitter): CM Punk
Anthony Furlong: Dolph Ziggler
Frederick Carling: Dolph Ziggler
Mark Healy: CM Punk

Steel Cage Match For The World Heavweight Championship – Daniel Bryan (c) vs. The Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Lenton Lees: Daniel Bryan
Tom Doolan: Daniel Bryan
Marc Feldmann: Daniel Bryan
Evan McFarlane: Daniel Bryan
Darren Hughes: Daniel Bryan
Chris Smith: Daniel Bryan
Andrew Botsakos: Daniel Bryan
Bruce412 (Twitter): Daniel Bryan
Anthony Furlong: Daniel Bryan
Frederick Carling: Daniel Bryan
Mark Healy: Daniel Bryan

30 Man WWE Royal Rumble Match

Lenton Lees: Chris Jericho
Tom Doolan: Cody Rhodes
Marc Feldmann: Randy Orton
Evan McFarlane: Chris Jericho
Darren Hughes: CM Punk
Chris Smith: Chris Jericho
Andrew Botsakos: Chris Jericho
Bruce412 (Twitter): Chris Jericho
Anthony Furlong: Daniel Bryan
Frederick Carling: Sheamus
Mark Healy: Wade Barrett