Former WWE Champion Edge is the latest name expected to appear at the 1,000th episode of WWE RAW on July 23rd in St. Louis, Missouri.

For those that have asked, in regards to a Goldberg video that is floating about online, that video is a fake, however it may be possible that he could appear on the night, as Vince McMahon’s approach to the 1,000th episode is that the show is basically an open door and that anyone he has had grudges with in the past or not spoken to in years, could show up on the night.

Also for those that have asked, I have heard nothing regarding an appearance by The Ultimate Warrior, however in keeping with the above, I’ve been told anything is possible.

Meanwhile, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross noted on his Twitter account that he currently does not know his status for the show, however the expectation is that he will definitely be there.