WWE recently issued a survey to their mailing list asking fans about the potential of a new WWE Performance Center that would also serve as a tourist attraction in the area, mentioning that the new center could potentially stay in Orlando or open in other areas including Tampa, Nashville, Dallas and Atlanta.

WWE noted the following in the survey, “Visitors will be able to watch active WWE athletes training, including rehearsing and practicing in the ring, as well as working out and recovering. In addition to this unique peek into WWE superstar training, the attraction would also include a one-of-a-kind tour highlighting WWE history, memorabilia, superstars and famous matches. The tour could be comprised of a variety of elements, including a museum/Hall Of Fame style attraction that includes unique immersive and interactive elements, as well as fun physical activities, virtual experiences and personal connections with WWE legends and personnel.”

The activities would include an IMAX theater, virtual reality match experiences, a potential trampoline park as well as AI and augmented reality experiences.