WWE recently contacted the Moonlight Dance Studio in La Crosse, Wisconsin looking for a dancer to partake in dancing with Fandango at tomorrow’s WWE SmackDown live event, with the person selected being the dance teacher Lis Kasten, according to a report from the La Crosse Tribune.

Speaking in the article, Kasten had the following to say about working the live event, “I’ve been told that it will be 15 seconds to 20 seconds of salsa dance,” she said. “I’ve been told there are two spots where he dances. This is my 15 minutes of fame. Or I should say, my 15 seconds of fame. I just received the video of the choreography so I’m going to see if he wants to add a few things in there maybe,” she said. “Maybe we can add a few seconds. I’m really excited. This is a first for me. Wrestling is not my forte, but I have a lot of friends who are going (to the Smackdown).”

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