WWE will be kicking off a women’s only tryout camp in the United Kingdom today at the WWE United Kingdom Performance Center in London, England, which is expected to run over three days, according to a report from Wrestle Talk in the United Kingdom.

The report notes that several wrestlers listed below from the United Kingdom and Ireland are expected to be in attendance at the the camp:

Rhio – A 22-year-old with a Martial Arts background, who wrestles regularly for promotions including TIDAL, TNT, MEW and PCW

Shax – A 5-foot-tall six-year pro who has worked for WrestleGate, Pro Wrestling CHAOS and Southside Wrestling

Kanji – A graduate of Stixx’s wrestling school in Nottingham and former DEFIANT Women’s Champion

Debbie Keitel – A regular for Over The Top Wrestling in Ireland and a former television presenter

Valkyrie – A regular for Over The Top Wrestling in Ireland and tag team partner of Debbie Keitel

Candy Floss – Current enhancement talent on the WWE NXT UK brand

Jayde – Competes for HOPE Wrestling, Southside Wrestling, Kamikaze Pro and IWL

Jessica Light – A trainee from Zack Gibson’s wrestling school

Heather Schofield – A trainee from British legend Marty Jones’ wrestling school and former TNA British Bootcamp participant.

The report from Wrestle Talk notes that it has been rumored that Session Moth Martina, who is considered one of the top women talents in the United Kingdom and Ireland not signed to a deal with any promotion, will be part of the camp, however that has not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, according to a report from Casey Michael of Squared Circle Sirens, Dani Luna from Cardiff, Wales, who is the current Dragon Pro Women’s Champion, is also expected to be part of the tryout camp.