In a post on his official Instagram account, WWE NXT superstar Javier Bernal revealed that he recently underwent successful surgery after his broke his foot during a match on WWE NXT Level Up.

The post reads, “Surgery was a success, my foot is still there First ever surgery in the books. I’m a lot more coherent now, so I can clearly write a message without tweaking. Thankful for @WWE and the medical team for taking care of me and setting me up with the best doctors in the world. And very thankful for Dr. Waldrop and his staff in Birmingham, AL. For my first ever surgery, you can imagine I was pretty nervous but I’ve had nothing but support from everyone in WWE and to those who reached. Thankful for @tatumpaxley_wwe, because I couldn’t get through this weekend without her. Every step of the way, she has taken care of me and won’t let me do anything. She is the love of my life, and it’s obvious as to why I see her as wife material. I’ve got the few months cut out for me, but all I know is that I want to give you something to believe in. Truth is, I’m scared, but as a man, you can’t be brave if you’re not scared. I said it before, and anyone who supports me knows, this is my resolve for 6 months, and I want to walk through your resolutions, side by side with y’all. In 6 months time, we are all going to have accomplished our resolutions and come out on the other side stronger than before.”