WWE sent out a survey earlier today to individuals attempting to gauge their interest on the potential of new reality-style shows to air on the WWE Network, asking which was of most interest to them and whether the shows would make them want to subscribe to the WWE Network.

The shows pitched by WWE include:

– Blackman’s Bounties which would follow former WWE superstar Steve Blackman and his bounty hunting team from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

– Pros vs. Joes which would pit WWE talents against a member of the public in physical and non-physical challenges.

– WWE Dirty Jobs which would see WWE talents have to perform unpleasant jobs.

– WWE Prankdown, a practical joke show similar to Punk’d, however the tricks would be pulled on unsuspecting “superfans” of the company.

– NXT: Behind The Scenes which would be a reality series following the NXT Superstars and Divas, their personal lives and more.

– WWE Rescue which would see WWE talents come to the homes of “superfans” and help them out with their personal and business problems.

– WWE: Ultimate Challenge, something very similar to Amazing Race.

– WWE: Around The World which would follow WWE talents taking part in scary stunts and attending attractions around the world.

– Xtreme WWE Collector which would star Michael Patterson attempting to purchase collectible WWE toys and memorabilia, similar to Toy Hunter.