WWE are looking to expand their broadcast deal in the United Kingdom and Ireland following the news of their deal with BT Sport by talking to potential broadcasters about the possibility of them showing a highlights show on free-to-air television, according to the Sports Business Media website.

While WWE has aired on Sky Sports for nearly 30 years, the company did have a small period during that time where they also aired on free-to-air station Channel 4 with a highlights show package and several events, including the Royal Rumble airing on free television.

The highlights show will be sold separately from the aforementioned BT Sport/WWE deal which comes into effect in January 2020 as WWE are looking to expand their footprint following the new deal. While Sky Sports is reported to be available in over 9 million homes, the problem WWE face as part of the new BT Sport deal is that despite BT having the rights for events including the UEFA Champions League, UFC and other content, it is only available in just over 2 million homes.

The move for WWE to return to a free-to-air basis with a highlights show would allow the company to be available in 20 million homes in the United Kingdom, depending on who picks up the show.