WWE sent out the following:

WWE Superstars Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler and announcer Justin Roberts were involved in a car accident near downtown San Diego on Friday afternoon just after 5:00 p.m. PT. Traveling in a limousine, the three were rear-ended as they were transported from Comic-Con International at the San Diego Convention Center.

“It was a quiet ride since Dolph and I don’t get along. Then, all of a sudden, the brakes hit and I slid down the couch part of the limo. The driver stopped and the car behind us hit us,” Zack Ryder said. “I landed on the floor and my neck hit the edge of the chair,” Ryder added. “Ziggler went flying. Justin went flying. The car hit us full speed; we all got thrown from our seats. My neck is a little sore. That’s it. We’re all OK though.”

Local paramedics examined the former United States Champion and his fellow passengers, finding no major injuries, according to Ryder. “It was a big limo, so we couldn’t tell exactly what was going on outside, but we merged on to a highway and then at one point we braked,” Justin Roberts told WWE.com. “Zack basically slid down the bench. Dolph and I were sitting in the back facing forward, and Zack was on the bench sitting sideways. Then, out of nowhere, we got hit pretty hard.” Roberts continued, “You could tell by the way Zack was sitting, that his neck [was hurt], and Dolph was sitting right in front of where the impact was, so he got hit hard. I don’t remember what happened with myself,” Roberts said. “I just know I was sitting on the floor with my knee up, and I was fine. Then I saw that my leg was bleeding, and it hurt. I don’t know what I hit my knee on.”

Roberts explained that his cut was minor and he will have it reevaluated when he sees WWE physicians at the WWE Live Event in Tucson, Ariz., this weekend. “I don’t think anyone was hurt in an emergency way,” he said. “It doesn’t feel good, but we didn’t want to sit around in a hospital in San Diego.” According to Roberts, all three declined going to the hospital; he and Ryder are now traveling by car to Phoenix and Ziggler departed on a flight out of San Diego.