– While nothing is 100% confirmed as of writing, Lita is expected to induct Trish Stratus, Bret Hart is expected to induct Bob Backlund and Terry Funk or Jim Ross will induct Mick Foley into the WWE Hall of Fame. Meanwhile there has been talk of having either Triple H or John Cena induct Bruno Sammartino on April 6th.

– Jeff Hardy has been added to WWE’s Alumni section raising some speculation amongst people, due to Hardy’s contract with TNA nearing expiration and WWE being interested. WWE were said to have sent out feelers to Hardy last month to gauge Hardy’s interest in returning to the company. WWE have also added videos of Hardy to their YouTube channel, most notably Hardy winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from CM Punk.

– Company officials are considering turning Brock Lesnar face during the Summer and having him feud with CM Punk, resulting in a match between the two at WWE Summmerslam. WWE want to use Lesnar and The Rock at this year’s Summerslam to give it that big event feel.

– One of the reasons that Sara del Rey was not in attendance at the recent WWE tryouts was due to the fact that there were no women invited for the tryouts and that she wasn’t needed over the weekend. Del Rey has been praised by officials and other staff for her hard work with the women since she took the role.

– Christian and R-Truth are expected to return to WWE television in the coming weeks. Truth has been out with an injury suffered at the WWE: Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view, while Christian has been out injured for most of 2012.

– WWE officials are considering going ahead with the WWE Intercontinental Cup, using WWE Main Event as a way of bringing the WWE Intercontinental Championship back to prominence. As for what the company will be doing in regards to the other Championships, many expect them to be floating amongst all shows throughout the week. Plans were nixed due to the company pushing Bo Dallas, however now that Bo is a main roster member, company officials have considered going ahead with the plan once again.