In an update on the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame class, inductors are being finalised by the company, with one big name being actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who the company are in negotiations with to have induct Bruno Sammartino. The two will be appearing at the Arnold Fitness Expo, so it will be interesting to see if anything comes of that.

Meanwhile, Mick Foley has publicly stated that he would like either Terry Funk or Jim Ross to induct him. Funk was pulled from his appearances with Pro Wrestling Syndicate on WrestleMania weekend, which should give a clear idea as to his duties that weekend, however company officials are considering having both Funk and Ross induct Foley.

As for Bob Backlund, he will be inducted by Sgt. Slaughter or “Extra” host Maria Menounos, who he is said to have a good friendship with. The company are believed to allow Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka induct her father, while discussions are ongoing for Amy “Lita” Dumas or Dave “Fit” Finlay to induct Trish Stratus.