In a recent interview with The New York Post, WWE SmackDown superstar and 2021 WWE King of the Ring Tournament winner Xavier Woods discussed being crowned the king at the WWE Crown Jewel event.

“I feel royal, I can tell you that. On a real note, this is what I cared about in wrestling, this is the first thing that I ever wanted, this is the only thing I ever wanted, so obviously we’re going to use this king situation to take over and gain as much control as humanly possible, which will be total control because the SmackDown kingdom belongs to me now, but as a kid, this is what I was obsessed with. It’s so cool to be part of a tournament, because every match matters, every match means something. The fact that I even made it to the finals, it means so much in itself, but then to win and be crowned king, something I’ve always dreamed of and it’s just surreal that it just happened.”

The full interview is available at this link.